About Us

Our Story

Careeredu started as a nurturing idea to interact with children with disabilities better. It was on a sunny Tuesday afternoon returning from my workplace. On a major road I was met with a group of children within ages 7 and 12. They came to me in their number and kept pulling my hands making signs that should give them something to eat. I was quite saddened about the situation. I took a good look at them and realised they could smile write give winks and glances full of various expressions. They were quite lively to be with at that moment and lo and behold it dawned on me they were not meant for the street.

A child should not be left to roam around begging for alms because of their disability rather they should be encouraged, catered for, and allowed to enjoy full access to formal education.

And when in school? Learning and curriculum should be inclusive in ways to engage them and make them learn. Here lies the story that birth the initiative "Careeredu" in 2019.